Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thing 12: Twitter

After setting up a Twitter account and spending some time on it, I discovered that I enjoy using Facebook as a means of communicating better than Twitter. I found that I shared the same type of information on Facebook as I did on Twitter. Although, I do like the ability to search for people’s thoughts on a subject in Twitter.

The last time I heard twitter mentioned was in a library when a librarian saw a coworker typing on their cell phone and she asked if they were tweeting.

Thing 11: Instant Messaging

I use instant messaging on my iphone to be able to communicate with family members. It’s an easy way to chat if you’re in a place where it might otherwise be hard to hear…such as in a grocery store, etc. I’ve also chatted using IM on Facebook. I’ve held conversations before while cooking, checking e-mail, and instant messaging at the same time.

The downside of instant messaging…I’ve heard of instances at jobs where people are bombarded with instant messages regarding urgent matters that need immediate attention. When you get numerous instant messages all within a short time frame, it makes it difficult to prioritize, keep track of requests, etc.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thing 10: Ning

Ning is new to me. I was not familiar with it until this assignment. As I was reading through the “ChartingStocks blog post,” it disturbed me to read the following: “If you are a member of a Ning site, you will know about it quickly. Ning networks are bombarded by spam invites to join other networks on Ning.” If this were true, why would anyone want to join?

I proceeded to the website and typed "library" in the search box. After browsing the results, the 7th item titled "Joy of Reference" caught my attention. I expected to find more discussion related to Reference work.

Thing 9: More Facebook

I usually add a “What's on your mind” comment when I have something to share with everyone. I added one of my favorite links which is

One of the things I really like about Facebook is being able to keep in touch with friends who live a long distance away. I (along with all of their other friends and family members) can see things such as vacation pictures and “hear” their thoughts about daily events. It makes me feel like there isn't such a long distance separating us.

I joined the DHARMA Initiative, TLA, and I Love the Ocean.

I've enjoyed reconnecting with previous co-workers, family members, and friends.

Thing 8: Facebook

I enjoyed reading the article about Mark Zuckerberg…and to think how close he came to selling it to Yahoo. Within the past year, I created a Facebook account. Even though I originally set up an account to stay in touch and reconnect with family and friends, it has now expanded to including professional colleagues.

When I first set up my account, I was impressed by how quick and simple it was. Within minutes, I was able to find family members and friends. Within a few days, I was able to reconnect with friends from elementary school. I like the ability to be able to chat with someone in my Facebook account while reading what others posted, etc. This is a fun way to multi-task.

If people list their high school, it makes it easier to locate them since you can browse through the list of names.

Thing 7: RSS Feeds

After browsing through the suggested feeds, I decided to add Star Telegram as a subscription on my Google Reader.

The video was quick and to the point about RSS feeds. I like the idea of information coming to me. This would be an excellent tool for anyone to use at home or at work. Just think about all the time you will save yourself.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Thing 6: Blog Readers

Google Reader was very user friendly to set up. I have already added it to my iGoogle homepage. What an awesome organizational tool!!! I added North Texas 23, my blog address, and a co-worker’s blog address to my account as my first three subscriptions. Having all this information in one place will make it much easier for me to access. The ease of updating the settings is a huge bonus.